The first program of St.Tikhon’s Orthodox University is developed especially for online education. The program «Foundations of Orthodoxy» is intended for adults wishing to get basic knowledge of the Orthodox tradition and to systematize their understanding of the Books the Old and the New Covenant, the Church history, dogmatic theology and sacred service. The program enables to get a deeper understanding of your role in the life of the Church.

Duration of the course is 15 weeks.

The program «Theology» is intended for adults with university education and basic knowledge about Orthodoxy. Theology program enables to expand the knowledge of the Orthodox doctrine and Church tradition. The program includes the study of the Books of the Old and the New Covenant, sacred service and sacraments of the Orthodox Church, Church history, dogmatic theology, cannon law.

Duration of the course is 3.5 years.

The only absolutely long-distance Master’s program in Russia. The program is intended for people with basic theological education wishing to get ready for practical church activities in the field of education and management.

Duration of the course is 2.5 years.

  • Hagiology (The science of acts of courage of Christian world saints)
  • Liturgical charter of the Orthodox Church
  • History of Russian church singing
  • History of Russian Orthodox Church
  • New religious movements
  • Church Slavonic language
  • Academic writing
  • English Christian Vocabulary