Distance course at the Institute is dated back to 2003 when first teachers passed special trainings and started preparing programs. In the beginning of 2004 the first distance courses audience was gathered.

For these years hundreds of Orthodox: clerics, laypersons, men and women from all continents including the Antarctic completed different trainings. Many graduates started teaching in different institutes and created their platforms for distance learning courses.
Unique combination of university academicism and loyalty to Orthodox Church Traditions common to the distance courses continuously attracts people looking for enlightenment and willing to share the beam of Christ truth with fellow creatures.
Teaching staff having great experience in adaptation and remote schooling of theological disciplines carries on advancing educational methods and resources and summarizing experience. They’re sharing it with their colleagues from Theological schools and secular institutions at conferences, seminars and advanced trainings regularly held at the Institute and the Education Committee of the Russian Orthodox Church.

In 2015 The Institute of Distance Courses totally based on the remote learning approach was created in the Institute of Distance Learning in order to develop Orthodox Remote Education.

Director of the Institute: archpriest Gennady Egorov.